A principle in life to remember is to travel light.
You are traveling all the time.
Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.

– Yogi Bhajan

Sikh Stories

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There is a growing need in the world
for Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Spiritual path.
We encourage you to share with us and the rest
of the Global Sangat your stories of Yogi Bhajan,
your personal spiritual journey living in Ashrams,
Kundalini Yoga festivals and Solstices.

Please share about your marriages and family
experiences affected by Yogi Bhajan or his teachings.
Lets tell everyone who is seeking to know what
had brought all of us to this spiritual path.
Only our common efforts can help us all change
this world.

The project is global and it can be fulfilled only
by our common efforts.
Let it be the Travel of Light from one part of the
world to all parts of the world, from one heart to
all hearts. And let this travel be light.

Sat Nam!

 Yogi Bhajan was a pioneer in bringing  the timeless wisdom of India to the West. Master of Kundalini Yoga  and the White Tantric Yoga, ... Yogi Bhajan helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to live full and healthy lives.

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"And life is to live for each other.
It is to live for each other."

- Yogi Bhajan

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